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Explore the Four Hemispheres


It's a wide and fascinating world we are living in, and we are excited to offer you some vistas that we have been fortunate enough to visit over the past several decades. Displayed here is a selection of photos and other information from our travels in the Four Hemispheres.

We hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

Note about how to get around in the site. The menu at the top of each page allows you to work your way down through the hierarchy of countries and regions to the photo pages. Alternately, click on Galleries (here or in the top menu) for a shortcut to a selection of photo pages.

Each page has some (we hope) interesting information about the location. If you see the Google Map icon, or the Wikipedia icon displayed, you can click them to pull up either a map or the Wikipedia page for the location.

[Note: The photo galleries are hosted on a Facebook server. Unfortunately, as far as we have been able to tell, you have to have a Facebook account to view them.]