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...O red city! O Dar Debbibagh! The Makhzen is no more!
The Christians strut about there with total impunity
Cry for the fate of our cities: Fes, Meknes, Agouri, Sefrou, and Tabadout!
Surely the Christians are the cause of our fall!
Fes and Meknes are lost, not to mention Sefrou and Casa (Ibeida),
Can one not make the crow of the mountains white?

-- Unknown

Rough Guides calls Meknes the "Moroccan city you've never heard of but need to visit. They go on to say:

With the title of Imperial City and a UNESCO-stamped ancient medina, Meknes can rival the likes of Marrakesh, Rabat, and Fez, yet it struggles to attract the same loyal following of travellers. But this scenic hilltop city has plenty to offer the curious visitor, from intricate gates to marvellous museums and mausoleums.

Meknes is made up of the old (medina) and the new (ville nouvelle); two distinct centres less than three miles apart but harnessing quite different vibes. The medina holds the city’s historic sights and sought-after romantic flavour, while in the ville nouvelle you'll find big houses, modern cars and branded takeaways.