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In Vain I Migrate

I migrate in vain
In every city I drink the same coffee
and resign myself to the waiter's impassive face
The laughter of nearby tables
disturbs the evening's music
A woman walks by for the last time
In vain I migrate
ensuring my own alienation
I find the same crescent moon in every sky
and the stubborn silence of the stars
In my sleep I speak
a medley of languages
and animal calls
The room where I wake
is the one I was born in
I migrate in vain
The secret of birds eludes me
as does my suitcase's magnet
which springs open
at each stage of the journey

-- Abdellatif Laabi

Despite not being able to see Casablanca or Marrakesh, this whirlwind trip to Morocco was magnificent and we felt that we got at least taste of the soul of the country. How sad the sentiment of the poet above, apparently forced to leave the land he knows and loves.

-- Guy Roger